What is The Pattern Cloud?

The Pattern Cloud is the world’s most exclusive digital design marketplace.

Founded by six of the best design studios worldwide:
Whiston & Wright
Owens & Kim
Bay & Brown
Amanda Kelly


How do I sign up?

In order for you to view our full collection of exclusive designs you will need to sign up. It’s free to sign up. Click the ‘Sign Up’ button in the top right corner. We screen all applications to ensure access to trusted industry professionals only.


What is an exclusive design?

When you purchase an exclusive design you receive a full worldwide license without any restrictions. The design is immediately removed from the site and cannot be sold to anyone else.


What is a non-exclusive design?

When you purchase a non-exclusive design you choose from the standard license which allows you to use the design for product runs up to 500 units/meters, or an extended non-exclusive license that allows you to use the design for product runs over 500 units/meters.

In both cases the design will still be available for other customers to purchase.


How do I pay for my chosen designs?

By credit/debit card or PayPal. Please email info@thepatterncloud.com if you are having any issues with payment


In what format do I receive the design? Can I edit the design once I have purchased it?

Exclusive designs are sold in one of three file types either PSD, Ai, or TIFF. They are fully editable and will come with all layers attached. The file type you receive is displayed on the design page, here it also tells you whether the design is in repeat.

Non-exclusive designs are sold in the same file types as exclusive designs however they may be in a flat format, or have limited layers with reduced editing capabilities.


Can I get a fabric swatch or paper print of my design?

Yes, if there is a fabric swatch or paper print available this will clearly be marked. It will be sent to you directly by express courier/post, dependent on your location. If you prefer to only receive the digital file you will receive a discount for each design purchased of £30/$50/€40.


What resolution will my design file be?

The high-resolution file will be in a minimum of 180dpi.


Will my design be in repeat?

Each design is clearly marked as to whether it is already in repeat or not.


Can I return a design I have bought?

Designs are not refundable once they have been downloaded. If your purchase proves faulty, you must notify us within 7 days and we will provide a replacement.


For any other questions please email info@thepatterncloud.com